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Destination Management Company: Venice events organizer and congress management.

Leading Dmc service group specialized in event organization.

TargetVenice is the destination management company( dmc service group ) that you are looking for. This Dmc service group can take care of your events in venice, being with you step by step.

Dealing with a lot of venetian suppliers, our events organizer company can offer you the best service ever. We organize your congresses and Venice events professionally, and at the same time we offer you the best selection of restaurants and hotels to make you live a great experience in Venice, not only under a business point of view.

In addition to the organization of all your events in venice, we offer other several dmc service. We can take care of your transfer from the Venice airport thanks to our agreements with different shipping companies or give you the opportunity to discover our charming Venice through unconventional tours and excursions.
Choosing our Venice events organizer company you choose excellence.

Venice events with a your trusted destination management company

Target Venice is a dmc service group that represents a great deal between your business and leisure activity. Our restaurants are selected for you, depending on your needs, same for our tours and excursions all around Venice. Venice events organization is focused on you, offering the best solution to your requests.

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