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What to do in Venice? Discover with Target Motivation Venice attractions and tours

Uncertain about what to choose among the things to do in Venice?

Whether your group is looking for team buildings, sports or attractions in Venice city, our Destination Management Company, offers to you a wide choice of unforgettable experiences!

What to do in Venice? Discover the variety of Venice attractions. Things to do in Venice are more than you could ever think and we organize several amazing activities. Famous for its history and artistic baggage, Venice can surprise you with the possibilities it offers for visitors. Here your group can enjoy local sport experiences, as the team building water activity “Voga Veneta”. Moreover several palaces arrange courses to entertain your group, as cooking class, Minuetto lessons or Mask laboratory! Our multilingual staff will lead you around the main attractions in Venice.

Take full advantage of your holiday and help your work group evolve into a cohesive unit. Choose target Venice DMC and motivate your team to work closely with the several activities that we offer in Venice.

Cooking Lesson

cooking lesson in a venetian home or restaurant

Mask Workshop

Mask Workshop

The Ruyi


Venice Race

venice express race

Treasure Hunt

venetian treasure hunt

Glass Workshop

glass workshop in Murano

Venetian Brocade

Tessitura Bevilacqua

cooking schollAn exclusive cooking school in a Venetian home or restaurant.
The lesson will be on themes to be set (Main dishes, Fish or Typical Venetian Cooking, etc.).The guests will have the dossier with recipes and details about the lesson; in Italian, with English or French translation. The lesson ends with a tasting of what we have cooked. The tasting is always abundant, so it can be considered as lunch. Before the lesson we can visit the Rialto Market of Fish and Vegetables to chose the best ingredients for the lesson.

mask in veniceWhy did Venetians go around wearing masks for over six months a year until about two centuries ago? What is the origin of Harlequin? What kind of mask was worn by Venetian ladies in their games of seduction? And what kind by doctors during bouts of plague?
Masks in Venice once had enormous significance in social relations, to such an extent that in some cases they were made compulsory by law, and over the centuries masks makers had considerably refined their art. So many things to find out, and so amazing too! Decoration courses are divided in a theoretical part and in practical one.

venice the ruyi The Ruyi is not just a treasure hunt, it is an adventure to live in the city. Players only need the special guide plays and a mobile phone to start the experiment to discover streets, squares, places and secrets on original stories Venice.
Venice The Ruyi is a journey puzzles to reveal the mysteries and discover the most charming places of Venice. Become the protagonist of the story.

venice express raceThis race will use your skills of intuition, imagination and solidarity. Each of you will be directly involved in the conduct of trials and contribute to the success of your team. Be insightful, have manual dexterity and sense of strategy to complete all the missions!
This race will be displayed divided in groups.At each stage, you must pass certain tests (orientation, puzzles, photos ...) before proceeding to the next step. You will have to pass through the various stages of a digital camera per team (for test photos), a map of the city and the roadbook. After the rally, the digital camera, the roadbook and you have crafted lion (see next page) must be submitted to your guide.

treasure hunt in veniceThe group will be divided into teams. We create routes to a map of the city. We create a questionnaire called "road book" with a jacket original graphic, in which we will ask different questions of Venice (curiosities, rather than anecdotes or places or things to find and photograph, or make a drawing of a picturesque corner of Venice).
Along the way it also provides two stages in two "bacari" Venetian (typical of wine cellars, crowded meeting where the Venetians for a glass of wine called "Ombra" accompanied by appetizers called "chicheti"). We also ask them to take the gondola (using our vouchers) as do the Venetians to move from side to side of the Grand Canal.

glass workshop The Abate Zanetti Glass School intends to promote Murano as a focal point of Glass art, place where families hand down, from generation to generation, secrets and technical skills, and through its masters spreading the passion and the artistic high value, in comparison with the international reality. A series of activities will be organized (groups of about 25/30 people at a time) of approximately 1 hour each in turn focused on three laboratories simultaneously (furnace, light and glass fusion). During these activities the participants can in some cases approaching the glass material, for example in the case of trying to blow furnace or, in the case of light or melting, trying to manipulate the glass, or simply watch demonstrations.  

tessitura bevilacquaFor nearly two centuries on Luigi Bevilacqua's hand looms in Venice, highly skilled hands have been transforming fine yarns to precious velvets, damasks and brocades to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding Run by the Bevilacqua family since its foundation, the company has been a supplier to such prestigious interiors as royal palaces, emirate palaces, theatres and museums in all corners of the world. These "references" demonstrate best the high quality of all Bevilacqua products -- based either on the company's exclusive designs or on those provided by the client, and always made using the finest yarns. Visits are available by special appointment.

Sport & Active

Venetian Rowing

Venetian Rowing

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

Cycling Lido of Venice

Cycling at the Lido of Venice

Venice Marathon

venice marathon

Sailing in Venice

Sailing in Venice

Golf in Venice

Golf in Venice

transport in gondolaVenetian rowing differs from the usual style in that the oarsman stands, faces forwards and rests his oars in special oarlocks.
It is a pleasant rowing style not only because it allows you to see where you are going, but because it is extremely efficient. A recent study confirms that to transport three people plus the weight of the boat (half a ton), a gondolier consumes the same amount of energy as he does walking. Another advantage of this style is the maneuverability: the gondolier is able to carry out every manoeuvre - starting off, right-angle turns, slow or sudden stops, moving sideways or backwards - without changing his position.

dragon boating The Dragon Boat is a large canoe-style boat of Chinese origin in which up to 20 people can paddle together. The rhythm is given by a drum situated at the prow of the boat and the direction is given by a helmsman who steers the boat using a long oar.
Dragon boating is by nature a social sport requiring large numbers of people to work together. It develops strength and endurance as well as friendships. The idea of being “all together in the same boat” largely contributed to the increasing popularity of the dragon boat over the last decade and, thanks to the brilliant ideas of some multinational companies, including Ericsson, the dragon boat is now used as a principal teambuilding activity. Providing the challenge and excitement of high-level sport while at the same time accommodating all levels of abilities, the dragon boat is seen as an important contributor towards the achievement of greater professional collaboration and efficiency amongst company employees.

cycling at the lido of_veniceThe Lido Island in Venice narrow face, between the sea and the lagoon, just 15 minutes from Piazza San Marco. Stay in Venice Lido can enjoy the charm of this city and enjoy a special atmosphere: the island is the ideal place for those who want to combine cultural tourism with a relaxing holiday by the sea all along year, the Lido you can practice many sports: golf, tennis, archery, waterskiing, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing and parachute.
The ideal way to discover the Lido bike we can make available to your clients, organizing a visit enjoyable and original of the island. Warning: it is not possible to confirm this activity during the period of the Festival du Cinema

marathon of venice One of the big events in Venice is the Venice Marathon, worldwide know for professionals and normal people who want to change themselves in a very fascinating race. A special race can be organized for your group around Venice where participants will have the opportunity to visit the city and its highlights in different way, having a lot of fun.

venice sallingAfter he big Event of the Americans cup, in Venice is very popular to sail along the lagoon and experience the fantastic view of the city from the water. Participants can enjoy and have fun in this active and challenging activity admiring the beauties and highlights from a new prospective.. the water. For a group that is looking for fun and an unusual experience, this is the right choice to spend a great time in Venice.

venice_golfLocated at the southern end of the island of Venice Lido, this is the Golf Club of Venice. With its elegant path, built on sand dunes is one of the few links of our country. Water hazards and a fine mantle of trees, make it even more challenging and fascinating this track, with its green criteria designed with modern, wide and steep slopes with natural sand bunkers protect the targets.
The start of the first hole is located above an ancient fort and from there the trail leads in a wonderfully immersed in nature and vegetation.

OUT OF THE BOX Venetian experiences

Gondola Serenade

Gondola Serenade

Boats, Battles and co.

boats,battles and foreigners

Private Helicopter

private helicopter in venice

gondola tour in veniceThe gondola is the symbol of Venice. Romantic and charming, it provides a very special view of the city. Venice was undoubtedly planned and built to be seen from the water, and it is from this perspective that it offers its most spectacular and grandiose side.
The Gondola serenade is a journey along the canals, while musicians and singers perform popular Italian songs, which makes the atmosphere even more magical. You will be captured by the elegance and charm of this experience.

tours boat in veniceThe tour starts from the naval museum: in the ancient granaries of the Republic of Venice you can admire the original models of the boats that were used in the lagoon and on sea by the Venetian merchants or military fleets. You can also see the several signs of the powerful Arsenal, the military shipyard of Venice, as well as learn about the naval battles in which the Venetian forces were involved in the past.
The itinerary proceeds along the fondamenta of the Arsenal to go and see the church and school of San Martino. Eventually we reach the scuola of San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, a historical and artistic sign of the presence of the important Dalmatian community in Venice. The school is internally decorated with the masterpieces by Vittore Carpaccio.

private helicopter in veniceUnforgettable tour flying over the principal Venice islands: Lido, Malamocco, Poveglia, Saccasessola San Clemente, Le Grazie, Bacino San Marco, San Servolo, San Lazzaro degli Armeni, Certosa, Traverso di Murano, Lazzaretto Nuono, Burano, Mazzorbo, Torcello, Cavallino and Lido.
The new Robinson R44 Clipper II 3 seats (all close to the windows) will be at disposal of your guests!
During the waiting time, we can organise an aperitif with some snacks in a restaurant close to the airport. Guests also can visit the new brand airport, which has been restored as the historical one built in 1930.